Sell drinks!
Applications Close:
July 12, 2024
Position Type:
Production Lead
Front of House
Compensation Type:
Small Stipend
The Bar Manager works with the Front of House Manager to arrange drink donations from companies, stock the bar, and recruit volunteers to bartend on show dates.
Prepare to be immersed in a ritual bath of blood, fire, and magic, fixated within the blistering, visceral spectacle of pain that only the auditory screams of extreme metal can accompany. Get lost in a demonic, pulsating labyrinth of the grotesque: bodies writhing and melting, rising and plummeting in an electrifying death-drop of a 35-minute performance destined to take your breath away even as it threatens to never return it. This performance is not for the faint. 18+ mature adults only. Production will begin in July 2024 and the show will run throughout October 2024.
To apply, send an email to with "Faceless Bar" in the subject line.
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