Board of Directors

Stewards and protectors of the company’s mission, these experienced community members often serve on multiple committees dedicated to company growth, fiscal oversight, legal compliance, budgeting, contracts fundraising and lots of other special projects. They clear the way for the staff and volunteers to do the work that makes this company great! Email the BROS Board of Directors -

Dan considers himself a superfan of rock opera. Hooked after seeing Gründlehämmer in 2014, he has tried to attend as many BROS events as possible. Previously Dan was a member of the board of trustees for the American Visionary Art Museum, WTMD (board vice-chairman), and the Jemicy School (board treasurer). With almost twenty years in the global commodities business Dan is now involved with growing a group of outpatient opioid addiction treatment clinics called MATClinics. Dan has been in Baltimore for 15 years and is resigned to making it his final resting place. Dan has a wife and some kids; two dogs too, for now.

Dan Reck


Dylan Koehler is a proud founding member of BROS, and shares writing credits to some of the most epic moments in the early repertoire including Gründlehämmer (2009, 2014) and Amphion (2011, 2016). Serving as BROS’ Managing Director for several years he oversaw the move to BROS first headquarters and two touring shows. Dylan has extensive experience other nonprofits as a grantwriter and program manager. He earned an MBA from the University of Notre Dame and now works as a Financial Analyst with Applied Materials in Santa Clara, CA. His legendary love for pizza encompasses nearly all shapes, sizes, and toppings. 

Dylan Koehler


Claudia is the Vice President of Economic Development at Downtown Partnership of Baltimore with a focus on research, business recruitment, retention and expansion, creative place-making and artist enhancement. Prior to her role at DPOB, she was the Special Assistant in Economic Development in the Baltimore Mayor’s Office. Claudia also has experience at the United States Department of State, working in the Office of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Public Relations Office. She holds a M.A. in International Policy from Georgetown University, a B.A. in Economics from UMBC and an B.A. in Political Science from the University of Manoa, Hawaii. She currently lives in Baltimore City with her partners and energetic nine year old daughter.

Claudia Jolin

Downtown Partnership of Baltimore

Dominic "Fixins" Cerquetti:  Baltimore born and raised, Dominic served as keyboardist and technical supervisor in numerous BROS productions. In a previous life, Dominic attended Calvert Hall, worked for 5 years as a videogame audio and visual effects programmer for Firaxis Games and Big Huge Games, and played in videogame cover band Rare Candy. Currently, a 501c3 nonprofit whose annual videogame music festival, draws over 20,000 people annually to National Harbor, MD.  Dominic looks forward to helping enable the next 6,990 years of Baltimore Rock Opera Society's glorious future.

Dominic Cerquetti


I'm Claire, a new member of the BROS board. I've been a fan of BROS since I walked through a balloon colon and into the Hallowiener Sphinctacular in 2013. My fiance, Corey Tappan, has been in the band for a few BROS shows and has introduced me to the amazing community that creates these shows. It's an honor to join the ranks in my own small way as a board member. I am a lawyer by day, asleep by night and making cheesy jokes all the time. I'm excited to apply my legal skills/knowledge of the dark arts to BROS' benefit!

Claire Costantino

Vicky Schneider hails from Pittstown, NJ and has been a Baltimore resident since 2001. She holds a BS from the University of Massachusetts, an MS from Johns Hopkins, and Ph.D. in F.U.N. She is passionate about creating experiences that will have guests buzzing even after the music has stopped and hope to bring some of that enthusiasm to the BROS experience. She volunteers with the Creative Alliance and plans events with Case in Point Creative when she's not building community for the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association. When she's not kicking around with her husband, son and canine companion, Vicky loves to travel, cook for friends and explore the Charmed City!

Vicky Schneider

Aran is a Baltimore-based director, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, writer, producer of music and performance, graduate of Goucher college. He is a founding member, former Artistic Director and current Executive Director of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society (BROS). When not working with BROS, he plays tenor saxophone and runs the DJ company Ridiculous Entertainment as well as working in live event and audio production. Favorite BROS credits include directing and co-writing Gründlehämmer (2009, 2014) directing The Battle of Blue Apple Crossing (Constellations & Crossroads 2018) and playing Batula in Rats! from 2015's Rock Opera 6-pack.

Aran Keating

BROS Artistic Council

The BROS Artistic Council is composed of veteran BROS each with a long history of excellence in building and working on BROS shows. They help shape our programming and ensure that all our work is a great example of the BROS aesthetic. They also manage the pitch party and pitch selection process. Email the BROS Artistic Council

Zach is a builder-maker of habitats, sets, stories, furniture, songs, special effects, and codswallop. He is a 15+yr resident of Baltimore city and a MICA alum. By day he works at the National Aquarium in Baltimore and by night he volunteers and has worn a variety of BROS hats starting in 2013. Past roles include Mothertrucker (tour logistics), Production Manager, Script/Song writer and Set designer. He is also a proud supporter of social justice organizations and has pledged to make BROS a space that amplifies the voices of Black and Brown people in Baltimore.

Zachary Yarosz

Carson Jess Korman is a musician, composer and professional educator. He first performed with the BROS in 2014 as bass player for the touring show Electric Pharoah. He has since worked closely with the company in musical roles including musical direction and composition for Brides of Tortuga, bass guitar in Welcome to Shakesville and various BROS legacy bands. He is an educator in both public school and private settings, and can be found performing anywhere from swing dances with the New Old Fashioneds to head-banging metal shows with his band Snakefeast.

Carson Korman

Naomi Davidoff is a costume designer, arts administrator and musician based in Baltimore, Maryland. Naomi joined BROS in late 2011 and was Costume Director from 2011-2015, working on shows such as Valhella, Murdercastle, Electric Pharaoh, and RATS!. In addition to costumes, she has worked as a show creator, writer, composer, and more recently, director. Each year she assists with planning BROS annual Swanktacular gala. Naomi has fabricated costumes and worked backstage for national touring Broadway productions. One of her favorite things is playing guitar in the band Spooled Up.

Naomi Davidoff

Greg Bowen joined BROS as a sophomore at MICA, and fell in love with it as a way to learn new skills as a performer and artist. 8 years later, Greg has an awesome family, is an owner of the video company Human Being Productions, and does theater and music projects including Trucker Talk, Bedlam Brass Band, and the puppet series The Mother Load. Strengths: a lot of different creative skills, puns, and a very high metabolism. Weaknesses: being ten minutes late to things.

Greg Bowen

Chris Allen has been the trusty Lighting Dragon for BROS since 2012's Valhella, and he's enjoyed every moment. From touring to different cities with Electric Pharoah, getting to run lights for the staged reading of Gründlehämmer at The Kennedy Center, and helping with lighting the Washington Monument right here in Baltimore, it has been quite a ride for Chris so far. He very much looks forward to the next 7,000 years with the company. When not behind a lighting board for BROs or other theater companies like Single Carrot, Chris can often be found making music somewhere around the city.

Chris Allen

Anna Platis has been volunteering with BROS since 2011, and designing since 2013. Her BROS design credits include Murdercastle (2013), Gründlehämmer (2014), Chronoshred (2016), the Rock Opera 6-Pack (2015), Amphion (2016) and Artistic Director for Space Kümité (2019) an interactive, sci-fi, martial arts, musical experience. Since 2015 Anna has also been the BROS Captain of Special Events, coordinating numerous BROS fundraising events. Anna is also designs professionaly other companies in Baltimore including Single Carrot Theater and StillPointe Theater. In the future she hopes to continue creating more incredible, unique, experiential events.

Anna Platis