Bros Staff

These part-time salaried members of BROS are responsible for the majority of the work that keeps the company running outside of shows. Staff meetings are held weekly on Wednesdays evenings at BROS HQ

Contact me with questions about the 7,000 year mission to capture hearts and minds across the galaxy

Aran Keating

Executive Director

Contact me for specific show & event questions, production timelines including applications & auditions, equipment & materials purchasing

Germar Townsend

Production Director

Finance, Budgets, Tax Info, Supreme knowledge of $$$

Rashelle Wimbish

Finance Director

Volunteer Opportunities, suggestions, BROS policies, workshop ideas

Meghan "Juniper" Rimelspach

Volunteer Director

Reimbursements, Expense tracking, spending money, hot opera scene gossip

Emma Gorin

Associate Director of Finance

Recruiting, connecting with other organizations, creating a welcoming and badass inclusive community

Petula Caesar

Community Engagement Director

Contact me for press opportunities, marketing questions, artwork, merchandise, or Simpsons trivia.

Tyler Merchant

Marketing Director/PR Czar

Fundraising Ideas, Membership questions, Donations & In-Kind Gifts

Peter Dalto

Development Director

BROS captains

BROS Captains have specific functions related to the day-to-day operations of the company beyond our production schedule. They are established leaders who work their asses off to help make this company run!

Contact me for partnerships, promotions, BROS social media

Erin Madeen

Marketing Captain

Contact me for video projects and video promotion

Katelynn Zimmerman

Video Captain

Contact me for finance needs, expense tracking, pleasant conversation

Kerry Brady

Finance Overlord

Contact me for interest in audio, equipment, audio design, recording, running sound, jammin'

Brent Tomchik

Audio Captain

Contact me for LEDs, Soldering, Wiring electronics, prop & set lighting, micro-controllers

Alan Schnittman

LIT (LEDs & Electronics) Captain

Contact me for props rentals, props donations, prop-making workshops

Kate Smith-Morse

Props Captain

Contact me for information technology questions, internet stuff, bonfires

Greg Chaprnka

IT Captain

Contact me for shop Questions, sets, tools and storage at HQ

Max Sobolik

Shop Manager

Contact me for box office inquiries, front of house design and volunteer roles

Jordan Cahoon

Front of House Captain