swanktacular 2021

Our annual fundraiser and semi-formal gala, the Swanktacular, has been an annual staple of BROS' schedule since 2014.

Every spring we don our fanciest duds, scarf delicious grub from local businesses, quaff numerous libations, and rock into the night with our members, supporters, and friends.

Every year features a theme, musical performances, as well as live entertainment. Truly, it is the swankiest night of the year, and one of the best parties in Baltimore.

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Your rock opera could become the next BROS mainstage performance! Fill out our Pitch Application Form to submit YOUR rock opera masterwork. A select group of pitches will be selected by June 2 to advance to the BROS Pitch Party for a community vote.

The Pitch Party will take place on Saturday, June 22 at BROS HQ (3304 Greenmount Ave). Doors open at 7PM, the presentation will begin at 8PM.

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Check out past pitches and informational videos below!

Calling All VisioNaries!

Every year since 2009 Baltimore Rock Opera Society has created a brand new original rock musical completely from scratch. Our BIG SHOW is pitched to the BROS by a Baltimore artist who then describes their big dream in front of a live audience. Our community VOTES on the outcome and the winner will become Baltimore's next big original show!


Now is your chance to bring your dreams to life using the combined power of Baltimore Rock Opera Society's staff, volunteers, artists, community leaders and experienced craftspersons. Let's join forces and create something incredible and NEW together!

Send all questions to AC@Baltimorerockopera.org



The BROS Artistic Council will review all pitches submitted on this form and decide which will be heard by the greater BROS community at this year's PITCH PARTY.


The winning teams will put together a ten minute presentation that shows off the vision for their show in all its wonderful glory.


Each Pitch team will present in random order. They get approx ten minutes to share their concept and then 5 minutes of Q&A.


BROS has a history of producing gigantic works of original theater that contain an epic story, blend genres, and thrill audiences with rich characters, amazing original music played by a live band, and a few moments of over-the-top spectacle. However do not feel that you need to present a work that feels like it fits into BROS history, help us forge BROS future with an idea THAT WILL BLOW EVERYONE’S MIND!

We want your visionary, excessive and wild ideas that will inspire our community to want to jump into this artistic process. Check out the BROS ARTISTIC VALUES to help guide your pitch.

Your pitch should include:

-A Great Title

-A really brief elevator pitch:
Describe the idea in two sentences. Paint a picture. Get us excited.

-Your Role on the show:
What will you be working on, and who is gonna help make your show amazing?

-Describe the Music:
Describe the unique sound of your show. It doesn't have to contain rock and roll or heavy metal. What about electronic music, soul, funk, hip-hop or something new?

-Describe the World & setting:
Visual elements, backstory, sets, characters

-Why is this show a step forward for BROS?


  • Don’t pitch work that is too similar to our upcoming work:
    • SPRING 2024: A Computer That Loves (And Why Not to Build One) - Quirky Tragic Sci-Fi Odyssey.
    • SPRING 2025: LEMPIRA - Heavy-Metal Legend of Indigenous Resistance
  • We’re not looking for a finished script! We want work that gets developed hand-in-hand with the BROS. If the show is totally complete, then it's less of a collaborative experience for the community.
  • You don’t have to fit into our past formula! Some of the most exciting work that we have produced recently totally breaks out from the standard seated 2 hour musical format.
2019’s Space Kumite was an immersive audience experience where the audience voted on the winners of fights and had an influence on the plot
Funktopia was a hip-hop, funk & soul cover concert with sets, costumes and characters celebrating in an imagined Baltimore of the distant future

Send all questions to AC@Baltimorerockopera.org

Four images stitched together. 1. Mike Smith as the Funk Doctor gets down with Lor Nae and Wish the Cat from the 2021 short film U R Tha 1. Safi from Funktopia smiles as she stands on a swing, wearing a flow orange, yellow and gold outfit. Brooke Summers, looking great in glam makeup and showing off her tattoos sings into a mic at the Shadow Showdown. Mike Bull Sr, dances with a young girl wearing a fluffy skirt in the lobby of the Voxel theatre during a Funktopia rehearsal, while other patrons watch.


-Look through BROS past Productions

-Check out the
2022 Pitch Party on YouTube

-Check out the 2020 Pitch Party on Facebook

-Check out the 2019 Pitch Party on YouTube

-Read over this