want to be a bro?

Everyone is welcome to join the Baltimore Rock Opera Society! The best way to get involved in a production is to dive in as a volunteer. No experience is required and we love helping new volunteers find a fun way to contribute to one of our massive productions. Here is a basic outline of how to do that!

Jesus from the Battle of Blue Apple Crossing

getting started

Here's how to get your feet wet as a volunteer, artist, designer, actor, musician or builder with BROS:
Sign up for NO FLOATERS our volunteer email newsletter which is the best place to hear about what opportunities are coming up.
Take the VOLUNTEER SURVEY to get on our Department email lists - including auditions, costumes, gore, sets, puppets, props, and more.
Keep an eye on the OPEN CALLS page on this website. Apply for open auditions, design roles, leadership positions, and more.

a volunteer's journey

Flex your skills and gain some new ones. Grow your network and grow your community. Here are some of the things you'll do when working on a show:
Come to the BIG VOLUNTEER MEETING that kicks off each BROS production. Each designer will talk about their big crazy ideas and the projects we'll be working on to blow minds and melt faces in the upcoming original extravaganza.

Sign up for NO FLOATERS or follow us on Facebook for official announcements about the Big Volunteer Meeting, which happens once or twice a year, depending on our production schedule.
Sign up for a department's WEEKLY BUILD. Feel free to try out different departments and even be part of two departments if you have the time. You'll work with an experienced designer to create their unique contribution to a face-melting live show.
Join a build or WORKSHOP (costume, set building, propmaking, sign-painting) hosted by BROS Captains and Department leads. Learn new skills and create a piece of history!
Get Perks! Cast/Crew t-shirts, special pins, album recordings, a free show ticket. Each production has its own special incentives for the people who helped bring it to life.

Come to the Cast/Crew WRAP PARTY  a few weeks after the show is complete, pick up your show perks, and toast another amazing production.
Join the community: Family dinners, movie nights, skill workshops, and an invite to BROStock all await you as part of this community of artists, technicians, and party animals.

The bromanual

The #1 resource for all your questions about getting involved, our process, community guidelines, organization structure, and more!