swanktacular 2021

Our annual fundraiser and semi-formal gala, the Swanktacular, has been an annual staple of BROS' schedule since 2014.

Every spring we don our fanciest duds, scarf delicious grub from local businesses, quaff numerous libations, and rock into the night with our members, supporters, and friends.

Every year features a theme, musical performances, as well as live entertainment. Truly, it is the swankiest night of the year, and one of the best parties in Baltimore.

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Madame Opticon from Murdercastle


It is time, Friends, for the BROS Year-End Appeal, when we ask you to dig deep to support our work with the Dough-Re-Mi. It’s always a challenge; a necessary one.

Ok, sure, the past 18 months have been a real struggle.  We all know this. 

Financial unrest, political turmoil, social conflict, and a deadly virus to boot, it has been a  test of epic proportions worthy of Sophocles, of Homer, of Tolkien, or Asimov… or the setting of a BROS ROCK OPERA! 

Only through sheer will to act can our heroic troupe face down so much fear, so much frustration. And it takes just such bravery (or folly) to face the challenge of the rock musical.

Despite the obstacles of recent history, we did not shut down. We have continued to create and continued to produce. BROS not only created new, exciting programming, but also has continued to move forward expanding our network of artists, reaching new, diverse audiences, and telling the stories that are at the heart of our shared human community.

This year, BROS brought Shadow Showdown, Holes, Funktopia, and Monster World. Our season included the first live, in-person production in Baltimore since the virus shutdown. We also premiered BROS’ first film at the fabulous Senator Theatre and broke new ground with a sold out run at the Voxel performance venue.


So, here’s Our Challenge

We have to keep up BROS’ momentum and we need your help!  Help BROS return to the stage, with not one, but two Mainstage shows:

Glitterus: Dragon Rising (April ‘22) and Love & Roar (September ‘22)!

Glitterus: Dragon Rising

This original epic powerhouse features a full band, original score, and a wonderfully diverse cast. Animatronic dragons, holographic illusions, and high opulence reign.  Insatiable desire for survival, power, and eternal life abound.  While sounds of psychedelic stoner metal, soaring vocals, and grungy flange riffs fill your ear holes.

Love & Roar

How do people react to a Monster?  Live in fear of it? Fight it head-on?  Try and understand it? We all choose our own approach to the beast. That’s Love & Roar. As audiences have come to expect, our mainstage shows are the most dynamic productions in the city from BROS’ all-volunteer army of technicians, artists and creators.

With your help, 2022 will be our biggest baddest year yet!

Four images stitched together. 1. Mike Smith as the Funk Doctor gets down with Lor Nae and Wish the Cat from the 2021 short film U R Tha 1. Safi from Funktopia smiles as she stands on a swing, wearing a flow orange, yellow and gold outfit. Brooke Summers, looking great in glam makeup and showing off her tattoos sings into a mic at the Shadow Showdown. Mike Bull Sr, dances with a young girl wearing a fluffy skirt in the lobby of the Voxel theatre during a Funktopia rehearsal, while other patrons watch.Madame Opticon from Murdercastle

Our Year-End Campaign Goal is to raise $15,000 toward BROS’ continuing growth and sustainability. And you’ll be able to follow our progress by watching the mug fill, as your donations come in.


The Challenge

We’re a nonprofit…..we can’t exist without giving. Through the generosity of BROS’ Board of Trustees all donations, up to $5,000, will be matched on a dollar for dollar basis.  So your donation of $25 to the Campaign is worth $50 to BROS!


Please help BROS extend our reach!  Your contribution to BROS will continue our 7000-year mission!


If that’s not enough, every donor to the appeal will be invited to BROS’ INAUGURAL VIDEO VAULT KICKOFF! We’ll be sharing more about this great new feature soon. This will be the first of many exclusive screenings and on-demand video nights.

Please give generously and ROCK ON!

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P.S.  New Tax Savings For 2021. Do you take the Standard Deduction on your tax return? Nine in ten taxpayers do. They do not itemize deductions. BUT for 2021, Standard Deduction takers can claim a deduction for their 2021 charitable contributions up to $600! This includes ALL your 2021 donations to BROS!
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