During the 2020 pandemic and subsequent quarantine, BROS sent out a call to the greater Baltimore community to create and submit their own homemade short rock opera films; the Online Opera Series Challenge (OOpS). The only rules were that you could only use what was in your home, and you could only include people in the actual film that were in your "quaranteam" (so as not to condone violating social distancing guidelines). We received over a dozen submissions, each showcasing incredible talent. After a period of online voting, a winner was chosen: I Got the Jam by Kara Grubb & Sam Jones! Will OOpS return? We shall see!

Watch all of the OOpS submissions on our YouTube page!


Purrnoia - Carolyn Diaz, Harrison Demchick & Jamie Ginsberg
I'm Frankenstein - Jake Bacigalupa
Killer Wail - Kyle Merman (AKA Aran Keating)
The Terrible Sequel to Lunastus - Sarah Gretchen Doccolo, Tim Olewnik, Kerry Brady, &Gino Abellanosa
Psycho Beach Party - Patterson Trash
Sid - @Bill Jamieson (AKA @Dyre Rhea & the Dri-Heaves)
A Pandemic Opera! - Emma Hawthorn
Bingo - Garret Bladow
By the Sea - Tim Keating, Vikki Keating, & Anne Reid
Window Shopping - Jack Bellows (AKA Tapes)
I Got the Jam! - Kara Grubb
Rockamole - Dave Burns
Nigel - Erik Janzon, Elektra Semble, Ross Dixon, Christina Ralls, John Rausch & Jesse Roberts

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