Funktopia: A Super Afro Intergalactic Tribute To Hip Hop And Funk

Our tribute to the intersection of funk and hip hop! From Funkadelic to Outkast, George Clinton to Kendrick Lamar, Funktopia spotlighted some of the titans of the genres in a live performance overflowing with glam and spectacle.

Attendees adorned themselves in masked and costumed finery and were transported to Funktopia’s city limits while they enjoyed music from DJ Harvey Dent and met the eccentric Funktopians. All roads lead to the Funktopian town square – a joyful space full of bright colors, live music, dancers, playground swings, confetti, Cadillacs, and more.

All of this presided over by our 9 piece house band, vocalists and lead performers, Drizzy Tha Don and Mook E Blaylock.

A performance unlike any you've seen or that we've done before that embraced ALL things that rock.

Sponsored By...
Guttierez Studios & Wombworks Productions