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A groovy love letter to the 60s filled with puppets, magic, and rock n' roll!

Grab your board, blare your tunes and boogie down to the Baltimore Rock Opera’s Society furriest, feltiest, full-length rock opera yet! Welcome to Shakesville will teleport you back to 1965 and the dawn of psychedelia. Join our unsung heroine, Betty, as she falls down a rabbit hole in search of answers to rock and roll history’s greatest mystery: the disappearance of Jimmy Graves! Pulling from some of pop culture’s swirliest influences, Welcome to Shakesville tips its hat to the citizens of Lidsville, The Muppets, Yellow Submarine, and more. Featuring a wild cast of people and puppets, it’ll have you twisting and shouting all the way home!

Welcome to Shakesville is a hip and trippy journey filled with 1960s-style pop rock that explores the wondrous world of Shakesville; a colorful world where music is magic, but everything is not super groovy. As Betty explores this new world and learns about its troubles, we’ll explore the value of creativity as a means of personal expression and the joys of music.

It almost seems like they tried this, and then they tried that, and then they tried something else, and then they left it all in.
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