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November 8, 2019 - November 23, 2019
Peabody Heights Brewery
Space Kümité

Join the crew. Choose your fighters. Choose your fate!

Welcome to the Ilion; a generation ship flung into space by Earth’s tech geniuses centuries ago to escape a dying planet. The ship left with no destination, and there is none in sight. It’s been 300 years, and the crew is getting restless. The A.I.s that run the Ilion have enacted policies to prevent open warfare: all beefs are settled in the ritual competition of fighting, singing, and loud insults known as “The Kümité”.

Now, a signal has been detected. It might be the first sign of life from Earth in ages. The crew of the ship is in turmoil. Follow the signal? Stick to the mission? Does it even matter?

As a Space Kümité attendee, you will join the crew. You will hear the choices argued in song. In shouted insults and arguments, and unarmed, zero-gravity combat. You will judge their merit.

You will decide who fights, and who wins.

You and your crewmates will determine the fate of the ship and, perhaps, all of humanity.

Space Kümité is probably the most good, clean fun one can have consuming a piece of media that revolves around a fight to the death to settle a debate about recycling human waste.
Bmore Art

Space Kümité

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