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Glitterus: Dragon Rising is a return to BROS epic medieval fantasy roots. This show tackles feminist themes with humor and candor, operates within the realm of high opulent fantasy, and serves as a balance to male-dominated adventure narrative. The collaboratively sourced script narrates the growth of our protagonist, Brigid, as she learns to work with four priestesses from neighboring lands (Valstead, Mixi, Ahlia, and Ketya) to find the hidden eggs of Glitterus (the 1000-year-old dragon queen). Along the way, she learns to join together in celebration and ceremony with sisters from another land and to fight the misinformation and cruel power of the evil tower wizard, Vincent.

Design inspirations include: the feel and look of illuminated manuscripts, folk tales from around the world, and elemental influences associated with each tribe: metal, fire, water, wood, earth.

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