December 21, 2020

Tickets for The Puppet 6-Pack premiere event are now live! Click here to reserve yours!

The Puppet 6-Pack is a brand new original collection of six short films produced by Baltimore-based artists, musicians, puppeteers, and writers. These puppet and animation-based musical masterpieces will be premiering on January 15th and 22nd both as a live-streamed premiere and then On-Demand. This is top quality content by and for fans of puppets, epic rock musicals, and hilarious visionary short films.

How does this work?

Three of the films will be shown on January 15th, and three on January 22nd at 7 PM along with live interviews and Q&A with the creators of each film. Following the stream, ticket holders will be able to watch them on-demand through our Patron Portal (where you are now) whenever they like. The schedules for the premiere dates are:

January 15th: U R Tha 1, Litmus Test, and On My Shoulders
Short Video Guests - Dirk Joseph, Derek Cooper, Funk Doctor

January 22nd: No. 1 Pencil, The Feast, and Below the Thunders of the Upper Deep
Short Video Guests- Amanda Boutwell, Kim Le, Justin Sabe

Ticket Options:

You can purchase access to the individual live streams for $12 each. This includes access to on-demand following the live streams.


You can purchase the Puppet 6-Pack All-Access Pass for only $25! The All-Access Pass comes with:

- Access to both the January 15th and January 22nd live stream events
- On-demand playback
- On-demand streaming of our feature-length film Holes: A Puppet Anthology featuring all six short films and spiritual sequel framing device for RATS! from the 2015 Rock Opera 6-Pack! Coming early spring 2021! (Note: access to the full film will be sent separately)

Click here to purchase the Puppet 6-Pack All Access Pass!

Here is a taste of each of the six short films. All the shows will use puppets in slightly different ways with wildly divergent moods and music:

U R Tha 1! - Tresey follows the groove through a funk-filled urban odyssey! Along the way he meets a new friend from the neighborhood and goes on an exciting journey that will change the hood forever. Can Tresey and his group of funkateers bring back the funk before curfew? Put the needle to the groove, join the gang, and find out now!

No. 1 Pencil - Y'all know the No. 2 pencil. Did you know that the No. 1 pencil was capable of opening a portal to another dimension and was invented with the help of a demon? Hard rocking and tongue-in-cheek take on a tortured scientist's quest for greatness.

On My Shoulders - What if the angel and devil on your shoulders were real, and everybody could see and hear them? For our downtrodden hero, Charlie, they very much are, and he'll have to learn to live with them on this funky rock journey of self-acceptance.

Litmus Test - In an underground bunker in a post-apocalyptic future, a young scientist and a strange visitor engage in a debate that will decide the fate of the human colony. A visionary and searching science fiction tale.

The Feast - In the tiny village of Chowtown, the biggest is the best - therefore, the person who eats the most is elected to rule over the rest! It’s a flawless system until a stranger introduces a brand new innovation to the world - cannibalism. A stop-motion fairytale you can really sink your teeth into.

Below the Thunders of the Upper Deep - A mad submarine captain and loyal crew search out and seek to wake the Kraken. A propelling industrial soundtrack sets the mood to our Captain’s whimsical yet horrific end.