April 5, 2024

From a tiny seed grew a mighty oak...

We've always had a knack for growing. Since BROS's founding in 2009, Baltimore's own community-powered rock and roll theater company has strengthened and become a force for good in the world. But alas, a minor key! Its leader Aran Keating, having held the titles of founder, Artistic Director, Executive Director, and Fearless Leader, grew weary and longed for calmer days. Residents of BROtopia were vexed! Aran's leadership was all they had ever known. Hail the old king! How could righteous and true rock and roll continue to come to life in his absence? But from the darkness a new hero arose! A new Executive Director was chosen! The wheels began to turn.....

The BROS Board of Directors is extremely pleased to have found somebody to fill the shoes of our founding ED. Please join BROS in welcoming our new Executive Director! Patrick Staso!

His legend begins in 2011, when a spell known as 'The Ritual of Stage Blood and Fire' was cast upon Patrick at artscape on the Charles St. bridge. Enamored, he studied the art of BROS from the shadows until 2015 when the BROS issued an open call for brass instruments. Finally! A chance to prove his ability to rock. Ceremoniously dubbed "PBone" (Patrick + Trombone) he went on to blare his horn in a deluge of BROS bands, sing and dance as a chorus member, and perform a myriad of other supporting BROS volunteer roles. Now he's ready to get down to brass tacks by contributing his professional expertise, chart the stars and guide the Baltimore Rock Opera Society on its mission to imagine, build, and produce face melting performances for the next 7000 years!

The transition process is set to take place over the next few weeks, and you can look forward to the first message from Patrick as the new Executive Director on May 17th, OPENING NIGHT of our spring production A Computer That Loves: And Why Not to Build One.

Incoming Executive Director, Patrick Staso