November 3, 2023

The Baltimore Rock Opera Society's annual gala returns! Bust out your finest autumnal and swanky outfits for the most heartwarming fundraiser ever: SWANKSGIVING. We're getting the family back together, and there's always more room at the table! See stars from The Purple Tape, The Gold Night, and our upcoming sci-fi odyssey Why Not To Build A Computer That Loves, feast on a choice spread from our local food partners, and get ready to party with the BROS!

SWANKSGIVING will take place Friday, Nov 17, 2023, 7pm to 11pm at Baltimore Unity Hall,1505 Eutaw Pl, Baltimore, MD 21217


  • Headline artist WORDSMITH crushing bars and bringing an immaculate and energetic hip-hop set
  • The Oh Sorries will recap some of the epic ballads and rocking numbers from The Gold Night
  • A special preview of BROS Spring presentation Why Not To Build A Computer That Loves