December 11, 2020

We all know 2020 has sucked the big one. Arts organizations have been hit particularly hard, and while BROS has been fortunate, we are also not immune. But are we giving up? HELL NO! That is not what we do! We are adapting and evolving to create new art by and for the people of Baltimore through projects such as the Online Opera Series, Rock Opera 101, and the upcoming Puppet 6-Pack. But if BROS is going to continue, we need your help.

BROS is currently in the middle of our $10K for 10 Years fundraising campaign, with the goal to raise $10K by the end of this year, and we have already raised over $3,000! With these funds we will be able to maintain our current operations and make plans for our future, and we have some very big plans.

We know that there are lots of worthy causes vying for your donations right now, and we believe BROS should be counted among them. For over a decade we have been creating unique and experimental art, providing education and community for our volunteers, and living and breathing Baltimore, and we really want to do that for another decade. Do you want that as well? We think you do, and we know we can do this!

Please donate today, and keep rock theater alive.