December 16, 2019
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The Baltimore Rock Opera Society’s May 2020 production, Glitterus: Dragon Rising, is seeking volunteer applications for band members. We are looking for the following players:

Lead Guitar
Rhythm Guitar
Drum Kit

In addition, we will consider applications for the following instruments: Bowed Strings, Aux or world percussion, Multi-instrumentalists (including reeds, horns, or less traditional instruments that can augment a 5 piece rock band, we're open-minded). Songwriting experience is also a plus!

Submit an application below (preferred) or via email to Aran Keating & Jay Weixelbaum ( and before DECEMBER 22nd, 2019 at 11:59 pm.

Auditions will be conducted via submission of a video:
-Video should be clear and have you and your instrument in frame
-You should state your name, instrument, and the name and composer of the piece before beginning to play
-Cell phone or webcam footage is fine! It doesn't have to be amazing looking just give us some idea of your ability and style
-Please keep your video to 4 minutes or less. You can play excerpts from multiple pieces if you would like.
-Send us your best stuff!

Submit your video audition here!


Love & Roar is a new world premiere rock opera that will be staged in the spring of 2021.

BROS is seeking a Lead Script Writer and Lead Music Composer to support BROS Puppet Captain and lead Love & Roar designer Chris Reuther who pitched the show earlier in 2019. He is working with artistic council member Sarah Doccolo to help develop the show.

Love and Roar is a romantic comedy in the vein of Japanese monster movies, set in a 20th Century city overrun by gigantic creatures - and the unlikely friendship between two lonely hearts from vastly different worlds. Their friendship just may be the key to saving it!

We're looking for dedicated individuals to work on the script and music for the next year, with the goal of completing them before production begins at the end of 2020. You're not required to stay on board through the production process, but of course, we’d love for you to join the team for the long haul! In addition, please let us know if you're interested but not available for the entire year. We can be flexible if needed.

Submit your application here!