Rock Opera Big Bang

Welcome, rock opera creators! The BROS Rock Opera Big Bang is a hackathon-style workshop experience taking place on Saturday, April 1st and Sunday, April 2, 2023, with a showcase performance the following Saturday, April 8. We're coming together for a fun weekend of pure creation, and to break in the new BROS headquarters with a bang!

Teams of two or more will receive a simple, open-ended prompt and spend the weekend writing and composing a one-scene mini rock opera. This could be a standalone short story or a scene from a larger concept. We'll match your scripts with a pool of actors, and reconvene Saturday, April 8 to stage your creations!We'll have experienced BROS available to help with creative roadblocks, tech challenges, and getting around the workshop, plus open shop hours throughout the week leading up to performances.

This will be a fun, no-stress opportunity to try out new skills and ideas.

For attendees of the April 8th performances, tickets will be $10 at the door of HQ.

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To apply as an actor for the performances, visit

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Evolution Karaoke

The Baltimore Rock Opera Society is evolving! Join us for three nights of competitive karaoke throughout May. On the first two nights, participants will compete in a karaoke-off with a live band, which will culminate in a final showdown on night three to crown final winners. We'll also be giving out prizes to participants throughout the journey. All events will be held at the Pink Room in The Crown.

Wanna win? Then ya gotta have some style! Costumes, stunts, props, dancing, and spectacle are all strongly encouraged. Decide what evolution means to you, and come dressed to impress.

The first two nights are themed as THE PAST and THE FUTURE. You may choose ANY popular song that loosely fits that category and choose which night you'd like to enter. You should put together a performance that fits the theme of your night or includes a CHANGE or EVOLUTION during the song. Think outside the box and go nuts!

For example:

THE PAST: Billie Holiday's "Lover Man" in full nightclub attire
THE PAST: Chuck Berry's "Johnny B Goode" dressed as Marty McFly
THE FUTURE: David Bowie's "Changes" dressed as a lizard and lizard backup dancers
THE FUTURE: Daft Punk's "One More Time" with a live keytar solo


May 4, 2023: Round 1, THE PAST
May 11, 2023: Round 2, THE FUTURE
May 24, 2023: Six winners from the previous rounds compete with a live house band that will learn your track for the final!

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