July 30, 2020

BROS is breaking down barriers of racism in rock and roll, and we need your help.

By now, you’ve (hopefully!) seen the first installment of the three-part “Rock Opera 101” concert series featuring super-talented vocalist Jonathan Gilmore! The first show, “American Music”, shed light on how Black people have been erased from the history of the evolution of rock and roll. The next show on August 22nd, “Onto The Stage”, will explore how Black people elevated the rock opera/rock musical into the theatrical genre we all love today. The third show, “Into The Future” will happen on September 10th and will highlight where rock opera is now, where it could go in the days ahead, and how BROS is impacting the present and the future of the rock opera.

This concert series is being presented to the world at a time when conversations about race relations are happening with greater intensity and frequency, especially in the world of the creative arts. BROS has made a commitment to transform itself into an organization that is more enthusiastically, intentionally, and obviously inclusive, diverse, and anti-racist. These shows are part of our movement to be better as an organization, and we want you to be an active part of this movement.

These shows educate, inform, and are still the entertaining and amazing musical and theatrical experiences you expect BROS to deliver. We are determined to continue bringing you content like this, even during a pandemic that requires us to be physically apart from each other, which makes producing shows difficult.

Live-streamed shows like these do have production costs associated with them, so they can sound and look as good as they do. We want to pay these artists for the talents they are sharing with us. And we want to continue to make strides in our community engagement by broadening the scope of our creativity by presenting shows like these.

By becoming a sponsor of Rock Opera 101 YOU can help make that happen, and get great perks, like our limited edition Rock Opera 101 t-shirt which is available for sponsorship of only $50!

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