July 13, 2020
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We are pleased to announce the next project in our recent string of virtual content, The Puppet 6-Pack!

This offering will consist of six short (approximately ten minutes) filmed rock operas framed by an overarching meta-narrative that surrounds and introduces each short that will link all the shorts together into a single 80+ minute feature.

A call for pitches and applications for production roles is open for the next two weeks. Do you have a crazy idea for a short, musical film that involves puppets? Of course you do! And we want to hear about it!

There are many opportunities for volunteers, and all production work will be done with minimal or no contact when possible. We're looking for designers, directors, musicians, writers, audio engineers, etc. to participate.

To submit a pitch idea, or apply as a composer or writer, click here.

To apply for a production role, click here.

For a more detailed description of the entire show, please follow this link.