September 1, 2022

Summer is over, and that means it's time to get BACK TO WORK. We are pleased to announce that we have TWO big ole' shows happening in the coming months, and they are going to blow your hair back.

Baltimore: In Recovery
September 30th & October 1st
8 PM
New Song Academy

From the mind of our amazing Director of Community Engagement Petula Caesar, a work of creative fiction that will explore the question: "what would it be like if Baltimore was in therapy?"

Four different actors will personify the various sides of our city's personality during their sessions with a court-appointed therapist, and through monologue and music, we'll see their journey through a spectrum of human emotion, trauma, and achievement. We'll travel through Baltimore's history as events that happened to a troubled individual, and through some audience participation, we'll diagnose the fundamental problems that plague us and discuss where our city should go from here for a brighter and healthier future.

A truly Baltimore-centric work of art, we'll be featuring local musicians performing songs from and about Baltimore, as well as local vendors and artists. If you love this city - and we know you do - this is not to be missed!

Tickets go on sale next Tuesday!

Love & ROAR!
November 4th  - 20th
8 PM
Venue TBD

Our next original rock opera is of truly monstrous proportions. Love & ROAR! is an original romantic comedy set in the idyllic Bay City in the late 1950s. Suddenly, on a day like any other, the Ancient Ones, giant monsters from before history, emerge from the Earth and begin wreaking havoc with one purpose in mind: MATING. Mary Ekhart - whose longtime boyfriend and American hero Cliff totally just dumped out of nowhere - an ambitious scientist with hopes of saving Bay City, stumbles across a mystic secret power that allows her to bridge the gap between humans and kaiju and discovers that maybe giant monsters want love just like us, and can find it where they'd least expect...

A hilarious new romp that will really push our limits in what can be pulled off on stage. There will be music, laughs, friendship, and GIANT MONSTER FIGHTS! Stay tuned for ticketing information, coming soon!