In the dark places of the world, elusive and frightening creatures make their homes untouched by the ever-expanding influence of mankind. Drawn forth by the lure of Epic Partying, the veil has now been lifted on these secretive beasts, and there is much they can teach us, for they represent the last sliver of mystery from the Old World. But beware, there are those that would seek to destroy what they represent. Prepare yourself, for here there be monsters.  

Join the Baltimore Rock Opera Society for Monster World: Zoo Quest! A new interactive Halloween theater experience at The Maryland Zoo. Follow our guides on foot and by shuttle into the gloomy jungle to experience the horrifying monstrosities from BROS past in their natural habitats such as the grotesque Wooly Bully, the majestic Hippogriff, and the deadly Nog Tree on an immersive tour, but monsters come in many forms, and there are other dangers in the deep jungle...

We'll bring these monsters out into the light with something they can't resist: an excellent Halloween party! From 5 PM - 10 PM all attendees will get to rage at The Waterfowl Pavilion and enjoy drinks, carnival games, a costume contest, and a photobooth all overseen by our host and DJ Landis Expandis. Rounding out the night will be a live concert from two excellent local bands!

Our expeditions into the wild will take place throughout the evening in small groups of 10-14 people. Each trip will leave from and return to the party and involve a walking portion and a trip on the Maryland Zoo shuttle and take approximately 40 minutes. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the weirdest creatures on Earth!

To accommodate all adventurers, we are offering several ticketing options, including a VIP ticket upgrade that includes access to a special lounge area and exclusive swag bag:

Full Zoo Quest Experience (party + quest + 2 drink tickets): $60

VIP Upgrade (party + quest + 2 drink tickets + goodie bag and access to VIP area): $15

Party Only (access to party + 1 drink ticket, but no quest): $25

BROS Rock Operative members will enjoy a 50% discount on the Full Experience ticket. Monster World: Zoo Quest is part of our fundraising efforts and all ticket sales and donations will be used to sustain our operations through 2021.

For those venturing into the wilds on our Zoo Quest, there will be several departure groups and times, so make sure you pick carefully! Please be sure to arrive at the party at least 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled departure time to ensure you do not miss your quest! We cannot guarantee that groups will be able to quest together but those who arrive at the quest gate early will have a better chance of questing with their group.

This is above all a Halloween party, and we will be having a costume contest, so by all means wear one!

Beer/Wine vendors to be announced.

This event is entirely outdoors and will continue through light precipitation. In the event of heavy weather rain dates will be scheduled.

Event Schedule:

5:00 PM: Doors open

5:45 PM - 7:15 PM: DJ set 1

Group A departures: Between 5:45 PM to 6:35 PM

Departure 1: 5:55 PM return 6:35 PM

Departure 2: 6:05 PM return 6:45 PM

Departure 3: 6:15 PM return 6:55 PM

Departure 4: 6:25 PM return 7:05 PM

Departure 5: 6:35 PM return 7:15 PM

Group B departures: Between 6:45 PM to 7:35 PM

Departure 6: 6:55 PM return 7:35 PM

Departure 7: 7:05 PM return 7:45 PM

Departure 8: 7:15 PM return 7:55 PM

Departure 9: 7:25 PM return 8:05 PM

Departure 10: 7:35 PM return 8:15 PM

7:15 PM - 7:45 PM Opening Band

Group C departures: 7:45 PM - 8:25 PM

Departure 11: 7:55 PM return 8:35 PM

Departure 12: 8:05 PM return 8:45 PM

Departure 13: 8:15 PM return 8:55 PM

Departure 14: 8:25 PM return 9:05 PM

7:45 PM: DJ set 2

8:15 PM: Costume contest begins

8:45 PM - 9:45 PM: Headline Band

10:00 PM: Event close