swanktacular 2021

Our annual fundraiser and semi-formal gala, the Swanktacular, has been an annual staple of BROS' schedule since 2014.

Every spring we don our fanciest duds, scarf delicious grub from local businesses, quaff numerous libations, and rock into the night with our members, supporters, and friends.

Every year features a theme, musical performances, as well as live entertainment. Truly, it is the swankiest night of the year, and one of the best parties in Baltimore.

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The BROS Funktion actively engages artists of all kinds who have yet to find their place at BROS as creative beings, both onstage and behind the scenes. The end result is face-melting performances that chart new territory for BROS, whether in form, content, and/or as participants.

But first, some background:

Since 2019, BROS has been putting on a specially curated show led by Community Engagement specifically intended to increase BROS’ network of creatives. It was intended to expand the kinds of shows BROS does, to bring new people to work on BROS shows both onstage and behind the scenes - especially those who hadn’t seen themselves reflected in BROS shows previously - and to introduce BROS to the networks of these new people. Much of this has been done by strategically approaching local artists to work on programming, and in doing so, increasing reach while bringing new kinds of shows to our stage. 

Artists, we want you!

We are looking for:

  • Creatives who have not been involved in BROS programming in the past 5 years (whenever possible, this should also be an opportunity to reconnect with folks who may have been briefly active with BROS but then stopped).
  • Creatives who have big ideas and are looking for a partner organization to supply resources (talent, budget, production skills, technical expertise, equipment, spaces).
  • Artists who have seen BROS work but felt that the space wasn’t open for their ideas.


What we are looking for:
- Multi-night performances serving audiences of at least 100 guests per night. As few as 2 performances, as many as 6.
- Smaller than BROS mainstage shows but utilizing many different elements of production and design to make a “big” show.
- Ideas that welcome established community artists into the BROS production environment.
- Perspectives that have been underrepresented in Baltimore and BROS work.
- Visions of a future for Baltimore that is genuinely collaborative, inspirational, and inclusive.
- Highly unique and original work that incorporates different mediums - music, dance, design and performance art.

For Example:
- Theatrical concerts featuring existing music from both local and internationally known artists.
- Collaborations with peer organizations in Baltimore
- Expanded interpretations of existing work by Baltimore or Maryland artists.
- A new coalition of artists already united around a large artistic vision.
- Shows that can blend a team of new artists with existing BROS collaborators.

This year’s BROS Funktion will be performed at New Song Community Learning Center. It must contain aspects that we can use to build a 1 hour in-school educational curriculum for Baltimore City Students. A professional educator will work with the artists to build this curriculum, and it can contain content for specific age groups (does not need to be “all ages”).

The Process

Applications for BROS Funktion will be taken on a rolling basis. The application will very much mirror what we do for our annual Pitch Party where we ask for an idea for a show and and outline of a few elements that would be necessary to make the show happen. The idea, story, and vision need to be present in the pitch.

- Does it need puppets/creatures? 
- Does it need elaborate costumes? 
- Does it need an elaborate set? 
- Does it need a Big Bad?
- Does it need a big stage?

We want your visionary, excessive and wild ideas that will inspire our community to want to jump into this artistic process. Check out the BROS ARTISTIC VALUES to help guide your pitch.


Email Petula Caesar at petula@baltimorerockopera.org to begin the application process.