Creates and obtains props to fulfill the script's needs and help create the Kaiju/Science Fiction meets vintage late 50s/early 60s aesthetic
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August 30, 2022
Position Type:
Compensation Type:
Small Stipend
Props Designer Agreement Production Name: Love & ROAR! Show Dates: November 4th-19th, 2022 Job Description: The Props Designer designs, obtains, builds and prepares all props necessary to fill the props needs of the show. The designer works with the director and other designers to ensure that their work aligns with all plans and designs toward the successful unfolding of the scripted story. It is expected that this designer have the skills to both shop for and obtain props, while also creating new props by modifying or constructing new props that meet the show’s science fiction/fantasy/Kaiju meets late 50s, early 60s vintage aesthetic.

Duties and Expectations:

  • Works closely with the Director and Associate Director in order to identify props needs for the show.
  • Creates and maintains a props list that contains a description of each props that will be delivered for the show including a brief description of how it is to be used on stage, size and other qualities.
  • Creates designs for any props to be constructed and gets those designs approved by the director before proceeding with construction.
  • Maintain cleanliness of any rehearsal or performance spaces as applicable
  • Be present for all agreed-upon rehearsal days and arrive on time (at least 10 minutes before the cast) and prepared
  • Attend production meetings when called. Communicate relevant updates across all departments
  • Track any purchases made for the show via the BROS Expense Tracker and turn in all receipts in a timely fashion to the Finance Overlords
  • Set and attend build dates at BROS HQ as agreed upon by the BROS Production Director and the Volunteer Director if Volunteer power is needed to accomplish the props design.
  • Hit important timeline benchmarks and deadlines set by the Production Director
  • Maintain an online folder with relevant information for production.
  • Attend crucial production dates including but not limited to design runs, dress parade, paper tech, dry tech, wet tech, and tech rehearsals.
  • Be present for load-in and load-out (strike) and/or Girderpurge
  • Read and uphold company BROmandments and the BROmanual
  • Communicate with the cast in a professional and respectful manner, regardless of discrepancies during or outside of rehearsals
  • Fill out a post mortem survey or attend a post-mortem meeting after the close of the run

Stipend paid at conclusion of the show's run
Email with a statement of your interest and a list of relevant experience
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