Multiple production lead roles available for the including Choreographer, Wigs Hair & Makeup, Front of House Design, Lighting 2, Audio 2, and more.
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February 19, 2022
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Small Stipend
The Baltimore Rock Opera Society is seeking designers and production leads for our 2022 original production, Glitterus: Dragon Rising! The selection process for the production and design team will be made by Director Amanda Rife in collaboration with the BROS Staff and the BROS Artistic Council. We may ask to meet with you in person before decisions are made. Final decisions will be made on a rolling basis so please contact the BROS Production Team at if you are interested in joining the team! BROS requires our production staff to follow current CDC guidelines for vaccinations and booster shots. Currently, we require all actors, band members and production staff to have a Covid-19 vaccine. We also will require a booster shot at a TBD date. For additional questions about BROS covid policies please email Masks are required inside of BROS HQ except in special circumstances. About the Show: Legendary Glitterus is the last remaining dragon in a world that has plunged into the darkness of heart and spirit. In order to continue her species and save the world, Glitterus summons five Mystics from scattered tribes to find her lost eggs. During the Mystics’ journey to save the baby Glits and defeat the power-hungry Tower Wizard, they laugh, they battle, they funk out with their junk out and learn that they are stronger when they fight united. With psychedelic stoner metal music plucking your ear strings, you will laugh, you will cry, you will slide out of your seats during Glitterus: Dragon Rising. Builds will be focused on weekend workshops focusing on projects. Designers will be strongly encouraged to check-in at rehearsals so that they are familiar with how their designs are actually getting used. What you get: As a Department Leader or Designer on a BROS Production, you get a chance to help shape a completely original, interactive musical theater piece. You’ll be expected to bring high-quality designs that strive to get as close to professional production standards as possible in a community theater environment. Cash stipend TBD ($50-$75) Experience with large-scale theatrical production Professional photographs and video documentation of your work Coaching & Peer mentorship as you progress through concept, design, acquiring materials, leading a team of skilled volunteers in build, install and Home Cooked meals for every night of tech week and show

Open Production Positions:


The Choreographer is expected to stage two large scale musical numbers of the show in consultation with the Director, participate in production meetings, conduct dance rehearsals, and encourage and coach the dancers in their performances. This role works closely with and is supported by the Director.

Wigs, Hair & Makeup (WHAM) Designer

The WHAM Designer will work closely with the director and costumes designer(s) to determine the look of the show. Heavily involved during show runs and also in overall design.  This person should be able to teach crew, FOH, and Band to recreate their own looks.

Front of House Designer

The Front of House Designer ensures that the audience enters the world of “Glitterus: Dragon Rising” as soon as they enter the building. This includes creating signage, decor, and helping advice (or create) costuming for the front of house team. We want our designer to riff on the ideas present in the show and find ways to draw patrons into the world of Glitterus as soon as they enter the lobby of Zion Church.

Lighting Assistant

Assists BROS Lighting Dragon Chris Allen with creating an amazing and beautiful lighting design for Glitterus:Dragon Rising. This is a great role to learn more skills as a lighting technician and designer. You will attend design meetings, help to program cues, participate in production meetings, dry tech, lighting install, and will be the first choice for running the lighting board on shows when our lead lighting person isn’t available.

Audio Technician (Assistant)

The Assistant Audio Technician is a support role for our lead audio tech and involves working with monitors or wireless mics to ensure we have the best sound possible during shows. Applicants should be available during tech and performances.This role is appropriate for an audio person who wants to grow their experience in mixing live shows in large spaces and working with multiple vocalists and a band. Applicants must be available during tech and performances.

Bar Manager

The Bar manager is in charge of securing concessions, designing the featured cocktail(s) and helping to staff and sell beer during the run of the shows. This person will be supported by BROS Production Director and Managing Director in ordering, obtaining and running a totally awesome bar!

Production Meetings and builds will mainly happen on evenings and weekends.
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