Helps create the most unforgettable and mind-blowing one-night events. Party planning elite squad.
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November 28, 2021
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Volunteer Leader
Captains in Development Department
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Perks Only
Three positions on this committee are available. A BROS Party Committee Member is a BROS Captain who works with the Development Director, Development team, Production Director, Captains and other volunteers to execute the most badass one-night events in the history of the universe. Each member of the party committee will be a PARTY LEADER for ONE of the major one-night events that occur every year for BROS. The Party Leader will lead the planning, coordination and glorious accomplishment of their one event for the year. See the attached job desccription for the full set of duties.

Events led by members of the Party Committee:

  • Cosmic Nectar: Summer, donor cultivation event with small performances
  • Member’s Party: Fall, donor thank you event
  • New Year’s Eve: Ottobar blow-out

Each committee member will also commit to taking a smaller role on two of the other special events and parties on the BROS calendar each year.

Events led by other departments (with contributions from party committee):

  • Swanktacular: Staff-led effort, biggest special event of the year
  • Annual Pitch Party: Artistic Council event
  • Halloween Parties: Occasional depending on programming calendar

Each Party Committee member takes a lead role in planning one of the three special events mentioned above. Duties should include:

  • Lead planning meetings
  • Contribute to collaborative decision about theming and event title
  • Contribute to host script and support the host
  • Identify volunteer roles needing to be filled
  • Contribute to event decor
  • Schedule build dates, purchase materials and help create any sets/props or goodie bags needed for the event
  • Create a complete event run of show
  • Be at the event as a primary point of contact
  • Communicate with sound, lighting, audio and video teams
  • Setup & Breakdown duties at the event
  • Coordinate a photographer to document the event

The Party Leaders will be supported by staff members in the following way:

  • Managing Director: Creates a show budget and requests feedback from Party Leader.
  • Production Director: Secure materials requested by purchasing, getting donations or reusing parts from BROS inventory. Manages venue logistics, including contract negotiations and payment. Handles agreements and communication with any paid contractors.
  • Volunteer Director: Helps to fill volunteer roles as defined by Party Committee leader, working to fill them in a satisfactory way. Train & Oversee volunteers that have been given direction from the Party Leader.
  • Development Director: Develops and implements fundraising initiatives for a wildly successful event. Ensures events fulfill membership program requirements. Finds event sponsors. Overall general support of the Party Leader
  • Marketing Director: Works with the party leader to develop an art concept. Works with an artist to create graphics and digital art for the event. Promotes the event using social media, traditional marketing and natural press
This is a volunteer position. Captains receive a free Rock Operative Membership to BROS and priority access to BROS resources.
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