Be a volunteer leader inside of BROS! Help feed our wonderful volunteers cast & crew as BROS Kitchen Captain
Applications Close:
November 28, 2021
Position Type:
Volunteer Leader
Captain in Operations Department
Compensation Type:
Perks Only
The Kitchen Captain has three primary areas of responsibility. 1. The care, maintenance and improvement of the HQ kitchen area and eating space, including fridge, goods inventory, and overall cleanliness. 2. Hosting hospitality events for BROS volunteers particularly the planning and execution of BROS Family dinners. 3. Serve as a resource for the current production by recruiting and managing a craft services team that provides the needed meals for each production’s cast and crew. See the attached job desccription for the full set of duties.
  • Responsible for maintaining an organized, stocked, and clean HQ Kitchen.
  • Works with BROS Staff members to execute any buildout projects needed in the kitchen area. (i.e. the installation of a drain line and kitchen sink).
  • Makes budget requests for purchases and improvements to keep the BROS HQ kitchen well stocked and with the necessary supplies to keep our volunteers happy and well-fed.
  • Utilizes BROS volunteers on a weekly basis to keep kitchen and refrigerators clean and organized (ie, cleaning their own mess)
  • Attends HQ operations meetings to discuss needs of kitchen as well as to provide vision for better management of the space.
  • Maintains inventory of appliances, catering supplies, utensils, and cookware
  • Has agency to acquire and dispose of appliances, utensils, cookware catering supplies, cleaning chemicals, paper products
  • Responsible for washing and drying kitchen rags on a regular basis
  • Has agency on volunteer storage of food, appliances and other kitchen inventory and donations.
  • Maintaining snack and kitchen budget.
  • Helps recruit a team of interested cooking and craft-services heroes with the volunteer department.
  • Manages craft services experience for any production including creating a craft-services schedule, developing menus with volunteers, and purchasing bulk foods for use in cast/crew meals.
  • Attends required “All Captains” meetings.
  • Seasonal check-ins with Directorial staff for quarterly review.
  • Other duties as assigned.

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