The Costume Shop Captain is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Costume Treasury and helps oversee all costume designers.
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November 28, 2021
Position Type:
Volunteer Leader
Captains position. Production Department
Compensation Type:
Perks Only
The Costume Shop Captain is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Costume Treasury, the Costume Shop and the inventory those spaces hold. The position supports all aspects of costume construction, maintenance and storage, as well assisting in recruiting, training, and supervising costume volunteers and designers. When working alongside a show’s Costume Designer, the Costume Shop Captain collaborates actively with the designer, offering them resources and assistance for holding a successful design and build process while still allowing the designer autonomy over their designs and process. The Costume Shop Captain participates in budgeting and collaborates interdepartmentally on various organizational events and projects. They communicate and maintain the Costume Treasury workshop hours and volunteers through the Costume Newsletter, the Volunteer Newsletter “No Floaters” and the relevant staff members. See the attached job desccription for the full set of duties.
  • Recruit, train and assist all costume designers as needed
  • Works with the Costume Department Leader/Designers on a show by show basis to determine the physical needs of the department. This includes the acquisition of tools and machines, organization systems (shelves/racks), and repurposing of existing inventory.
  • Works with current Costume Department Leader/Designers in accepting costume/fabric donations
  • Assist in construction of costumes as needed.
  • Helps current Costume Department Leader and Stage Manager with scheduling and coordination of cast measurements, dress parade and costume photoshoots.
  • Finds/ Recruits photographer for costume photoshoot as needed.
  • Helps the current Costume Department Leader/Designer keep physical costume bible which includes information about volunteers, designs, measurements, swatches, workshops, timelines, build lists/project lists.
  • Works with Production Director to execute any buildout projects costume shop and costume treasury (basement storage areas).
  • Works with Operations Director to purchase necessary tools, machines, and building supplies for the maintenance of the Costume Shop and Treasury.
  • Maintain clean, safe and well-stocked workspace
  • Leads occasional (quarterly) Costume Treasury maintenance workshops where volunteers are enlisted for organization of Treasury and costume shop.
  • Maintains inventory of all costumes and materials from previous shows.
  • Maintains system for renting/loaning existing costume pieces to members of BROS and other companies.
  • Has agency to dispose of unwanted costume pieces as allowable by Artist Agreements
  • Hosts educational workshops for BROS members to learn new skills.
  • Attends the weekly staff meeting at least once per quarter.
  • Check-ins with Directorial staff for annual review
  • Other duties as assigned.

Captains receive a free Rock Operative Membership to BROS and priority access to BROS resources.
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