Communicates & sells the BROS vision, mission and programs
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March 3, 2023
Position Type:
Paid Staff
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Salary Position
The Baltimore Rock Opera Society’s Marketing Director is responsible for numerous aspects of the external and forward-facing promotion of the group. This position provides direction and resources for BROS communications and is the final authority on BROS brand identity and language. The Marketing Director markets and promotes ALL BROS programs and development campaigns to existing and new audiences. The Director finds and develops new audiences for BROS programming by identifying audience groups likely to enjoy BROS’ productions, targets them with a variety of content that accurately portrays how awesome BROS is, and maintains an ongoing relationship with them through printed promotional materials, social media, advertising, press releases, events and other marketing strategies. The Marketing Director looks for ways to create meaningful partnerships with communities of color and in order to break down racial barriers in BROS audiences and create awareness of BROS in underserved parts of Baltimore City and communities of color.

In Depth

The BROS Marketing Director is the leader of communication and marketing for all of the company’s outward facing programs. From the broadest perspective, the Marketing Director will coordinate with both the BROS Business Operations Director and Development Director in order to set up an annual marketing calendar for the year. Informed by the Programming Calendar and the annual budget, the Marketing Director will outline the various public-facing campaigns they intend to implement for the purposes of selling tickets, merchandise, promoting fundraising, donor development, promoting company culture and generally meeting all of the company’s budget and mission goals.  This calendar will include plans for website updates, social media, email marketing, press releases, video content, promotional events and any other strategies the Marketing Director intends to use to hit their goals.

As each campaign arrives the Marketing Director will work closely with designers, illustrators, animators and videographers to create dynamic and exciting promotional content for the company’s many programs. They will have a budget for each campaign as well as an overall budget for their work. They will work with both volunteer artists and professional artists to get the art and assets they need for accomplishing cross-platform campaigns. They are expected to bring copywriting and editing skills to the table but they will also have access to volunteer copywriters/editors as needed. They will organize and launch each campaign while keeping in close mind the goals for each event and program as communicated by the Development Director, Business Operations Director and Executive Director. They will work directly with the BROS Marketing Captain (volunteer) who will help implement social media strategy, partnerships and content creation.

An example of the annual campaign schedule:

  • Small Donor Appreciation Campaign
  • Large Spring Rock Opera
  • Pitch Party
  • Free Festival Appearance
  • Community Engagement Performance
  • Large Fundraising Gala
  • Small Fundraising Event
  • Large Fall Performance
  • End of Year Fundraising

In addition to managing these specific campaigns, the Marketing Director will also cultivate and grow BROS year-round presence in the community via social media, email marketing and in-person appearances at events.

The Marketing Director is flexible and brings a number of skills to the table to accomplish their multi-faceted job. They should have a high level of professional expertise (2-4 years) in at least two of the following areas and should have a working familiarity with all of these skills:

  • Copy Writing
  • Campaign Messaging
  • PR Management
  • Writing Press Releases
  • Maintain a list of Media Contacts
  • Advertising
  • Managing
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Social Media Content Creation (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Snapchat)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design, Maintenance and Upkeep
  • Photo Editing

They should also be highly familiar with Google Drive and be able to operate with a high level of organization with the many digital assets they will be responsible for.

Working at BROS

  • Highly flexible weekly schedule consists of a few regular meetings (mostly remote) with other team members and occasional in-person meetings at BROS Headquarters (3304 Greenmount Ave, Baltimore, MD 21218)
  • Many meetings, rehearsals and production tasks will take place in early evening time slots (between 6pm and 9pm) since some BROS employees and many of our volunteers work other daytime jobs.
  • Solo work can be done remotely or at the office as preferred.
  • Generous PTO policy.
  • Much of the production work takes place on evenings and weekends. Availability during productions for meetings and performances will be important.
  • An environment highly supportive of creative expression and full of unique and wonderful artists. 

10-14 Hours estimated each week. Paid $10,000 annually in monthly installments of $833. Flexible hybrid work environment including generous PTO.
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