Oversees all earned income activities: especially Box Office, Guest Experience, Bar & Merchandise Sales.
Applications Close:
March 3, 2023
Position Type:
Paid Staff
Revenue Operations, Box Office, Guest Experience
Compensation Type:
Salary Position
The Baltimore Rock Opera Society’s Business Operations Director is the leader and responsible party for meeting or exceeding the earned income targets laid out in the BROS annual budget. They do this by taking charge of box office, ticket sales, merchandise and bar sales in their entirety. They also take charge of relationships with BROS venues to make sure our performance venues are ready to meet our revenue goals: managing venue contracts, planning seating, designing a face-melting guest experience. They direct and oversee the BROS marketing department in meeting sales goals for all of the areas of earned income. They will work with them closely to maintain existing audiences AND grow audiences through partnerships, new marketing efforts and other incentive programs for amazing ticket sales. The Business Operations Director reports to and works alongside the Executive Director Aran Keating, meeting for an update at least monthly. The Business Operations Director will have input into the annual budgeting process and will have flexibility in the methods they choose to meet their budget goals. The BROS Business Operations Director will help the company reach the next phase in our 7,000 year mission to capture hearts and minds across the galaxy, reaching more fans in the Baltimore region and beyond, growing our base of fans and therefore our revenues..

In Depth

Year-Round Activities

The Business Operations Director is the leader of the BROS box office and lead administrator for the BROS PatronManager implementation (a ticketing platform and CRM, built upon Salesforce) and manager of communication with BROS Patrons and Ticket Holders. They ensure that our general fan email list is up to date. They will qualify all guest orders as they enter our system and take responsibility for our database’s accuracy, alongside the BROS Development Director. They will create all events in Patron Manager as dictated by our annual schedule, including Development Events.

The Business Operations Director leads the various smaller earned income streams that consistently contribute to the BROS bottom line such as BROS Bandcamp page, BROS HQ space or equipment rentals, merchandise store etc. Currently these non-program related income streams add up to less than 10% of the annual budget. The Business Operations Director has the freedom to grow or shrink these areas of the company’s revenue as they deem effective to meeting annual goals.

The Business Operations Director will contribute their input towards an Annual Marketing Plan that the Marketing Director will be responsible for executing. The Business Operations Director will need to collaborate closely with the Development Department so that the Marketing Director can ensure that both the earned and contributed campaigns are properly executed.

Covid-19 budgeting & scheduling irregularities have caused the average amount of earned income to fluctuate in recent years. Applicants should expect to be responsible for earned income greater than $110,000 in an average calendar year, although the earned income target for 2023 is significantly lower. Full budget details available on request.

Meeting Program Budgets

Baltimore Rock Opera Society has relationships with many venues throughout the Baltimore region. The Production Director and Business Operations Director will collaborate on finding the right space for each program and negotiating with venue representatives to secure a contract for performance. The Business Operations Director will primarily concentrate on audience size, ticket sales and revenue operations when choosing the venue. 

The venue will often dictate other decisions that affect income such as audience size, marketing strategy, partnerships and # of performances needed to meet each program’s targets. 

The Business Operations Director will create a marketing plan with the BROS Marketing Director and will collaborate on a calendar that includes a complete advertising strategy, deadlines for creating all show assets, launching the show to the public, tickets on sale dates, press release and media deadlines, marketing photography and video. The focus of the Marketing and Business Operations Director should be both on maintaining and energizing our existing base of supporters AND growing our audiences through partnerships, outreach, and breaking into new markets. A strategy for getting new audience members should be a part of every program’s marketing strategy.

They will take the lead on box office operations utilizing the BROS PatronManager implementation and will design the guest experiences. Informed by BROS long history of producing financially successful rock operas, they will decide on ticket prices, supporter packages and shape the front of house experience. With the help of the BROS Volunteer Director and Front of House Captain, they will design the Front of House roles needed for an amazing guest experience and staff those roles from the BROS staff and BROS volunteer base.

They will take the lead on creating a bar experience that ensures guests are excited to spend their hard-earned dollars at the BROS bar on a great night out. The Business Operations Director will leverage existing relationships with BROS alcohol vendors and other local businesses that can help create an exciting bar experience that is highly profitable. The Business Operations Director will have the freedom to decide on their staff costs (hiring professional bartenders, or volunteers at pay rates of their choosing) and cost of goods as they decide will be most effective in meeting these revenue goals. The BROS Finance Team will assist with applying for temporary liquor licenses for events, as needed.

General, year-round (evergreen) BROS merchandise, as well as program specific merchandise decisions will be made by the BROS Business Operations Director and Marketing Director in collaboration. The BROS Executive Director will approve all expenditures greater than $500 on merchandise before it is ordered.


The job requires a smart and ambitious arts lover who is business-savvy and thinks critically about what creates a healthy bottom-line for events and performances. 

  • 2+ years of experience working in events or performance. Relevant experience can include:
  • TV, Film & Video Production
  • Local or Regional Theater 
  • Festival Production
  • Wedding or Party Planning
  • Venue Management
  • Talent Booking
  • Bar & Restaurant Management
  • Demonstrated ability to manage program/event budgets
  • Passionate about working in a community arts environment.
  • Welcomes critical feedback and be able to apply lessons learned to the next challenge

Candidates should be prepared to show examples of their experience managing budgets and events in either the for profit or non-profit worlds. 

Working at BROS

  • Highly flexible weekly schedule consists of a few regular meetings (mostly remote) with other team members and occasional in-person meetings at BROS Headquarters (3304 Greenmount Ave)
  • Some meetings will take place in early evening time slots (between 6pm and 9pm) since some BROS employees and many of our volunteers work other daytime jobs.
  • Solo work can be done remotely or at the office as the employee prefers. 
  • Much of the production work takes place on evenings and weekends. Availability during productions for meetings and performances will be important.
  • An environment highly supportive of creative expression and full of unique and wonderful artists. 
  • Supported from an experienced staff, Board of Directors and Volunteers with varied skills gathered from across the nonprofit, arts and business world.

10-14 Hours estimated each week. Paid $11,500 annually in monthly installments of $958. Flexible hybrid work environment including generous PTO.
Email resume and cover letter to Executive Director Aran Keating ed@BaltimoreRockOpera.org
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