Be an artistic leader! Help to steer the creative ship for a community arts institution.
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March 31, 2022
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Volunteer Leader
Artistic Board
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All members of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society’s Artistic Council (AC) collectively have the following PRIMARY responsibilities: Curate the annual pitch party for our annual large rock musical production Cultivate great pitches from a wide-ranging community of artists in Baltimore Curate a selection of pitches to be presented at the in-person event Manage the pitch party event including collecting and tallying votes Promote the pitch voting process for maximizing engagement of our existing community and new community members Build and curate the content of BROS Annual Programming Collaboratively build concepts for our non-mainstage productions (including but not limited to smaller mainstage shows, New Year’s eve, one-off parties, and festival appearances) Advance ideas pitched by the community and look for opportunities to produce them Help create themes, concepts and titles for special events and curate any additional staged content they need (i.e. booking bands, writing sketches etc)

In addition many Artistic Council members contribute to the following SECONDARY goals according to their individual skills & interests:

  • Take an active role in writing and compositions teams
  • Participate in committee work such as Special Events, One nights parties, Education committee
  • Recruitment of talent for production teams
  • Assist the Volunteer and Production directors in creating great, cohesive production teams
  • Cultivate our community
  • Create free or low-cost educational opportunities in partnership with the BROS Volunteer Director
  • Contribute to discussions and events that bring about new ideas and contribute to our community’s growth as artists and as great citizens.
  • Contribute to BROS marketing efforts including video content, archival content and social media.

The BROS Artistic Council has the following values:

  • Keeping the company’s artistic output culturally relevant, new and exciting. Bring new ideas, styles of performance and innovation to bear in all aspects of our work.
  • Keep the quality of public programming high. 
  • Use our art and BROS resources to bridge historic gaps in equity in Baltimore city, reducing the effects of systemic racism and economic disinvestment.
  • Bring the knowledge, joy and experience gained from previous BROS productions to bear in new productions. Help all community members gain perspective on BROS history and see themselves as a part of it. 
  • Be a cultural steward of the BROS past aesthetics, be a herald of new BROS aesthetics.
  • Be an example of the BROmandments and bring the spirit of positivity, collaboration and community to our work. Help to resolve conflict within our community and create a positive work environment.
  • Embody a rock and roll attitude and care deeply about creating the most badass rock and roll community and the most epic, face-melting and inspiring performances the world has ever witnessed.

During In-Session times of the year The Artistic Council meets every other week + occasional special meetings or committee meetings. These meetings take place either virtually or in-person on weekday evenings. There are multiple months of downtime during the year as well.
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